I had someone comment to me recently, “Teresa, it seems that you can find creativity in just about anything.” And after short reflection I would say; yes, yes I do. This is just part of who I am naturally. It is my belief that creativity is a state of being that anyone can embrace at anytime.

Let’s first try to define what being creative or creativity is; Webster defines being creative as, “To bring into existence and to produce through imaginative skill.”

My definition of creativity takes a different view. My belief is that creativity is part of the human condition and is deeply in grained. It has only been in recent times that creative products have been easily purchased through factory sameness and convenience. And as necessity waned, we have let our creative tendency slide.

Like other things over the last 200 years, creativity and how it is demonstrated has evolved. So hand crafting does exist, at some level but at another level, creativity still shines through. Take a look at computer and phone technology for example. It takes a huge amount of imagination to create and develop concepts of these products such as, games, Apps. and programs.

To be creative first you have to get into the right mindset, which include these four steps:

  • Be open to expressing yourself in some way.
  • Be conscious of the process of creating (in the now) and not the end product (ego).
  • Be open to exploring possibilities, keep flexible with the process.
  • Be open to not knowing where the plan or process will take you, let go of control.

Cooking is a good example task for us to examine the creative mindset. I choose this because I do not see myself as a great cook. I most often cook as a chore to get a passable meal, just ask my kids there have been many misses here. But other times I may want to make a certain dish and get inspired to create it. I will begin with looking to see what is on hand maybe purchase a few extra things that appeal to me and throw it together. These meals are truly creative and cannot be replicated exactly since it is spontaneous and unique.

Look at other tasks you do during the day and see if they can or do have a creative blend to them, just by being in the creative mindset. Tasks such as:

  • Playing Lego’s with your children
  • Telling stories or remembrances to fiends
  • Taking photos on vacation
  • Problem solving a tactical issue at work
  • Dealing with customer service

Just a little re-calibration of thinking will turn any of these tasks into a more creative venture. Try to slip into the creative mindset especially when you are trudging through the day, going through the motion, it will up-lift you and everyone around you. Creativity brings a much higher vibrational energy and focuses our attention on the present. Enjoy your creative mind.

Teresa Van Lanen is a Life Coach who conducts presentations, seminars, workshops, teleclasses and other events that help people reconnect with their creative spirit and to move into more joyful and productive life. For products and services visit Teresa at www.makingartoflife.com. Sign up for a free quiz to gauge how much creative energy you have and other tips. Follow Teresa on Twitter and Facebook as well.

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