No, I am not suggesting you wrap yourself only in a big red ribbon. Nor am I suggesting you give yourself away. But wait; let’s think about that for a moment. How many times do we give ourselves to others? Yet do we give the gift of US back to ourselves?


I’d like you to try this exercise. Close your eyes and mediate about someone you love unconditionally. Feel them around you. Hear their laugh. Feel their hugs. What does your heart tell you about this person? Stay in your heart space and keep that feeling while you open your eyes.


Write down as many praises you’d like to say to that person, starting with; “You are special” and “You are loved” or “I love you”.


I hope that there are 300 or more praises on that list. Now get a packet of 3×5 index cards, any color, and cut them in quarters. Transpose one praise to each of these card pieces. When you are done you can wrap this in a box or put a bow on them; decorate it with love. This is your gift.


This is your gift to yourself. You are the gift. You are deserving of your own unconditional love. Maybe you are already there and this gift will be your reminder when you are feeling stressed or low. But maybe you are one of many who are able to give to others and not themselves. Saying something like, “Yes, this is great. Writing these wonderful things about my loved one is easy—What? Wait a minute, it’s for me? Nah, I just don’t see it, that’s conceded.”


If that sounds more like you than you definitely could use a healthy does of unconditional self-love. Still not sure if this sounds like you? Ask yourself a few probing questions:

  • Do I tend to call myself names when I make a mistake?
  • Do I shy away from meeting new people of trying new things?
  • Do I invest in my own personal growth?
  • Do I feel worthy of a complement?
  • Do I engage in self sabotage?
  • Do I participate in unhealthy habits?


Answering yes is an indication that you will want to load up on unconditional self-love; because you are a gift to yourself and to everyone else. Happy Holidays from Teresa and Making art of Life.

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