Sitting in an airport with a long delayed flight, I begin to look around and ponder the nature of my fellow travelers. Who are they, where are they going, what do they do? These are all questions that come across my mind as I observe. With a quick glance one can see apparel, travel cases, and an astounding assortment of electronic devices. We view these objects and can surmise one’s level of abundance. Most of us, however, realize that abundance has more to do with what’s not that overt. As I look around I see a group of young brothers, chasing each other and giggling; they have abundance. I see a married couple who (I can see by the articles they carry) just returned from the Caribbean with darkened walnut colored skin. They are sitting close and holding hands; they have abundance. I hear a crew of flight attendants working together like a well-oiled machine. Instead of the routine they would have to repeat verbatim, they joke and have everyone in stitches; they have abundance, too.

  • So what is abundance?
  • What does it mean to you?
  • How does it influence your life?
  • How is it displayed?

I asked some friends these very questions. My feeling was that the meaning will be very personal so I was interested in the diverse responses. I know for me the meaning of abundance has evolved through my life, so I thought it would be interesting to hear what others had to say. At the base level, abundance seems to represent the “plenty” around us. One of my friends defines it as, “what we give thanks for at Thanksgiving,” shelter, food, clothing, having essentials without need for more. For others it may take on a more spiritually-minded light as described by a few of my friends.

Here is a nice response from Colleen: “Abundance to me is the love and support I feel from my family and friends — it is limitless! Abundance is also the opportunities I have and the freedom I have in choosing which opportunities to take.” Janette replied saying, “Abundance means to me: health, joy, well-being, money, great relationships, a solid relationship with God, great opportunities/experiences, a constant flow of all of the positive things that make life so enjoyable. It is all important because it is of my own development so it is an exemplification of my higher self…especially when I do it consciously!”

A friend of mine who loves the outdoors, healthy eating and exercise responded that for her she feels abundance represents living a carefree lifestyle and “to have the ability to go anywhere and do anything I want when I want.” While for Deb she feels that, “Abundance for me is having enough with enough left over to share. So it can be having an abundance of money … food … time etc. On a more spiritual level and an abundance of love for me is the natural flow of the Universe that fills us up with love (when we are open to receive) and spills out with abundance as we share our love with others.”

And yet Sharron adds, “Abundance to me is an awareness that there is enough … plenty to go around … it is gently tied to trust and gratitude … for it is from this perspective that abundance can be experienced.”

Abundance may represent opportunity, freedom, and limitlessness; not only wealth and riches of a tangible nature but of a spiritual nature as well. You can see that there are so many unique responses to this theme from reading these responses. But it makes me wonder that perhaps other questions about abundance to leave you to ponder would be:

  • How would having more abundance change your life?
  • What would it look, smell, taste, sound and feel like?
  • Can you have too much abundance?
  • How do you draw abundance to you?

Teresa Van Lanen of Making Art of Life and Soul Connection, is an Occupational Therapist, Life Coach, SoulCollage® facilitator and Reiki practitioner.
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