I always find it interesting for figure out what draws us to certain colors and how we respond to certain colors over others. Color is studied not only in the artistic world but also in the world of science, medicine and spiritual practice. So is it more than what “strikes our fancy” and can be used to balance ourselves on various planes? I will explore this idea in this article and expand on more ideas in next month’s article as well.


Color is a big part of all of our every day lives, even for the non-sited or color challenged. Research has looked at color in more scientific detail to explain how this can be. I have read a few books on the topic including “Healing with Color” by Ted Andrews and “Color Medicine” by Charles Klotsche. In these books they reveal the healing properties of color through it’s harmonic vibrational frequency. It is believed that the color frequencies can help with organ health along with balancing emotions. Treatments may include special healing properties through lights and color filters but also through the color in our clothing and our environment. This healing can be enhanced with other vibrations such as through musical tones. Each of the colors has it is own frequency from the violets on the low end of the wave length/frequency scale, to the reds at the higher end (ultraviolet to infrareds).


Reading about this I reflected on an example of how color frequency affected some clients I worked with. Years ago I worked at a Center where our whole team participated in a workshop to learn more about the use of color for emotional balance. The presenters believed that the color pink was a calming color. As a result of what we learned, the team decided to implement the painting of our calming room to pink. Much to our dissatisfaction, when the paint dried the color was a hot pink. And when clients used this room to calm, it gave the reverse reaction. Considering the vibrational frequency of the hot pink color being so close to the highest end of the scale, I can see why the clients were anything but calm!


Other related articles I have read have compared color frequencies with energetic chakra balancing/health. There are many references available to discuss this in more detail, one that I have referred to here is from Sonia Choquette called “True Balance”. You can wear of bring these colors into your life more often if you feel you are imbalanced in lack in a certain chakra. Or on the flip side if your chakra is over saturated then you may wish to use less of this color on your person and/or environment. An example of this from my own life was during a turbulent relationship a few years back. I had many red accents and articles of clothing that I wore; basically shades of red surrounded me. As you can see below the color red is seen in our root chakra which deals with physical safety, security and grounding. Unbeknownst to me I was using this color to help balance this part of my life inwardly as it was unbalanced outwardly. As the relationship ended I began to systematically replace the red in my environment with cooler tones. Reflecting back on this, although I deliberately chose colors at the time that appealed to me visually, I unconsciously had been energetically was drawn to them. Here are the seven basic chakras, their colors and the general properties when balanced.



The 7 basic Charkas location Corresponding Color General Properties of
Crown Chakra at the top of the head Violet Transcendence, spiritual power, perception, devotion
Brow Chakra or “Third eye” at the center of the forehead Indigo Imagination, open-mindedness, intuition, sincerity, deep level of being
Throat Chakra at the neck Blue  Communication (verbal and nonverbal, listening), personal intention, honesty, expression
Heart Chakra at the heart Green (or pink or combination of both) Patience, regeneration, affection, acceptance, nurturing, sympathy/empathy
Solar plexus chakra at the sternum or breast bone Yellow Self confidence, autonomy, discipline, focus, faith, creativity
Sacral chakra at the lower belly Orange Thoughtful, sensuality, self control, emotional and sensual well-being
Root Charka at the base of the spine Red Physical safety/security, feeling grounded, anger, pride, ambition, comfort


There are many theories of color I haven’t discussed. Colors related to zodiac sun signs and artistic color (harmonious, complementary, primary, secondary….) for example. There are colors that represent memory of symbolize something of meaning such as patriotic colors or team colors (the mighty Green and Gold!). All these have meaning and can affect us on various levels. Some may ask, “Can I just wear a color because I like it?” and the answer is yes, just know that there may be reasons why you are drawn to that color. And if you are interested in finding out more here are a few thinks to take note of during the week:

  • Look in your closet and surrounds to see if there is a color theme. Is there a tendency toward once certain color like in my example, or even toward the warm colors or cool colors? Do you have these same colors around you at work?
  • What do you think this may represent to you?
  • Do you have a strong emotional or energetic response to colors you see, feel?

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