Last month I introduced information on how color is used in science, medicine and in energetic healing. I discussed the use of different colors with their harmonic waveform vibrations as a way to heal the body and to balance emotions. I also discussed energetic and spiritual healing of color related to the seven basic chakras. Today I am exploring color through the energetic field of auras. This information gathered from author Pamala Oslie and her book “Life Colors” as well as through her interview with Shelley Riutta (from the Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy) June 30th  2011 telesumitt.


Like color, auras have been scientifically and spiritually studied. According to Pamala Oslie, auras are electro-magnetic or bio-energy fields that radiate off the body. They are all around the body but even more concentrated around the head. There are specialized cameras that can take photos of one’s aura and there are people that are able to sense auras by sight, vibration or through an emotional response. Many of us have experienced this sense in extremes, someone we are drawn too or others that prickle our senses in warning. Pamala believes that some of us have a naturally heightened aura sense but that anyone can heighten their sensing of auras.


In Pamala’s books, she connects aura colors to daily life such as relationship, careers, natural skills and potential health issues (to name a few).  It helps us understand ourselves a bit better and learn what our potential may be. You can use the information from Pamala’s interview to get a sense of what aura life colors you have, more information found on her website www.AuraColors.com or her books Life Colors and Love Colors.


The first set of aura colors are colors with a physical sense, touch, hands on.


  • Reds- very physical, strong willed and bright, passionate, hands-on work.
  • Oranges- daredevils, live for risk, love to explore.
  • Magentas- outrageous, love to shock people, nonconformist, performing arts.
  • Yellows- bring joy and fun, seek out variety and movement, artistic, healers.


The second set of aura colors are colors that are more analytical or mental.


  • Tans- there is a variety of tans that range from very practical, stable, reliable to logical, hard workers, to sensitive and drawn to nature. They can do things orderly, step by step, or can get distracted and scattered.
  • Greens- a type-A personality very driven and goal directed, they like to learn, to be accomplished and financially successful.


The last set of aura colors are those that are emotionally based.

  • Blues- the most emotional of colors. The Blues are loving, nurturing, loyal and have natural intuitive talents. They tend to value love over anything else.
  • Violets- dynamic visionary leaders, deep passion and compassion. These people are often healers, therapists, and performers.
  • Indigos- tend to be androgynous, they live a new consciousness with high spiritual standards.
  • Lavenders- these people tend to drift off in dream worlds, fantasy, they are artistic.
  • Crystals- this is a chameleon-like personality, absorbing other auras around them, intelligent, clear aura, requires lots of alone time to regenerate, healers.





Many of us have more than one aura or overlays of color. Pamala has an extensive questionnaire so you can find out what your life color(s) are. Auras can be used as a healing tool both physically and emotionally as well as seeking more information about who we are and what potential for our natural gifts and talents are.  As you can see from these articles, color has much more power than looking good, although it does that pretty well too.


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