I once heard that all the answers and support are right in front of us, clearing the mind and opening the spirit will get us there. It’s kind of like when you can’t find your car keys or the one sock that matches the other in your hand and no matter how hard you try to retrace your steps and dig through the drawer, you cannot find it. Then at another time once you are calm and peaceful, you look and voila, there it was all the time! That’s what your guidance does; it gives us the clarity to deal with daily life among other things.

  • What does the word guidance mean to you?
  • What kind of visual image or emotion does it provoke?
  • Is it religious or spiritually based?
  • Is it based on nature or vibrational energy?

Guidance can be all of these things and more. The bottom line is that your guidance is unique to you. It is felt, expressed and sought after in very individualized ways.

I have a friend who has worked with me in various groups for several years. When the discussion of guidance came up, her first response was one of negativity. She shut down as a result of personal barriers toward formal religion. Once we explored guidance and redefined its unique meaning for her, she was much more accepting. She later realized she really had worked with guides all her life, it just was not what she called it.

It is interesting how we can allow the impression of a word’s meaning to grind our self growth to a halt. This fortunately did not happen with my friend but I have seen it happen many times with others. . I will be discussing in more detail how to become more open to your guidance and what the benefits are, during my free teleclass March 10th. Here I want to discuss how using guidance can benefit from creativity and how creativity can benefit from guidance.

Here are 3 ways to become open to guidance:

  1. Rid yourself of judgment of what guidance is and personalize it to you.
  2. Do some meditation or yoga to clear the clutter from your thoughts.
  3. Use visual images such as photos, symbols, stones to bring the energy of your guidance to you. Some people have a small space that they call their alter where they place these items for reflection and as a reminder of their guide.

Guidance is at your service in whatever form you feel comfortable and it is happy to assist. You need only be open and ask for it. Take it from one “self reliant do it the hard way” person, that life can be much easier, more effortless and joyful with the use of guidance. I look forward to hearing from you on the March 10th teleclass to explore this topic in more detail, go to the events page for more information.

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