I admit it; I am a nut for mysteries and detective stories. I just find myself analyzing things to find out what is going on. Putting clues together; using deductive reasoning, is a form of creative problem solving so I can see where I am drawn to it. And when it comes to figuring out what creative path is for you there can be so many options that it does seem a mystery.

I developed these clues to help you analyze your creative patterns. This will help take the mystery out of the equation and it can be a lot of fun. Of course your options are not limited to this but the patterns you display in other aspects of your life do influence your creative mind-set.

Ask yourself:

A. When I describe something to another person how do I mostly get my message across?

  • through the use of gestures
  • through visual descriptors and adjectives
  • through references of past experiences or feelings
  • through relying on listening for feedback from the other party

B. I most often clarify my point by saying:

  • do you hear me?
  • do you see what I am saying?
  • does that make sense?
  • do you feel….?

Now look at the two numbers you indicated you are mostly like and if your response for A and B are:

1 and 3: Then focusing on physical expression with the inspiration of movement may be your creative mystery. You maybe a person who tends to talk with your hands, feels caged in if you cannot move and jiggles or taps your foot.
Try creative activities such as dance, yoga, cooking, being in a theatrical performance, flying a kite, swimming or other movement activities.

2 and 2: Then how something looks to you is very interesting and focusing on visual creativity may be your creative mystery. You may be the type of person that having things in your environment look a certain way evolves a strong response.
Try creative activities such as painting, drawing, photography or watching productions such as plays.
3 and 4: Then focusing on tactical expression with inspiration from touch may be your creative mystery. You may be one of those individuals that are drawn to touch items to see how they feel and physically touch people who you are speaking to.
Try creative activities such as sculpture, ceramics, making sand castles, making a mosaic and collages of mixed materials.
4 and 1: Then focusing on an auditory expression with inspiration of sound may be your creative mystery. You could be a person who discovers that you often have a stream of music going through out the day.
Try creative activities such as singing, drumming your pen or fingers to a beat, learning an instrument.

Being aware of our natural patterns can help us expand ourselves and appreciate other’s aptitudes as well. You may discover that your loved ones tend to fall in a different pattern than you or that you are a nice combination of more than one creative mystery. Explore mixing it up a bit and have fun: mystery solved.

Teresa Van Lanen is a Life Coach who conducts presentations, seminars, workshops, teleclasses and other events that help people reconnect with their creative spirit and to move into more joyful and productive life. For products and services visit Teresa at www.makingartoflife.com. Sign up for a free quiz to gauge how much creative energy you have and other tips. Follow Teresa on Twitter and Facebook as well.

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  1. Good clues, thanks. These can also be usefully applied to active listening, especially when teaching, where finding a learners “style” is the key to success.

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