Sometimes it is difficult to have compassion for ourselves or others over things that have been done or said. Or maybe there is difficulty in having feelings of being unsatisfied or stuck and not knowing why. There could also be a general lack of enthusiasm and happiness that affects us and our relationships. This can lead to loneliness and confusion. These are signs that your heart center is not fully open.

My belief is that by having a balanced heart center one is within their power and is being vulnerable with themselves and others. Being in your power means to use your inner wisdom and connection to spirit to become vulnerable. Using this wise mindedness to help you assess your inner and outer relationships will come from a perspective of vulnerability and compassion rather than one of woundedness or lack. This also helps guide us to gain a deeper capacity for compassion and love; to accept love without judgment for oneself or others.

Here are some tips for developing or maintaining an open heart:

  1. Getting to the core of why your heart is closed through mediums such as:
    • Meditation or hypnosis, to delve through the block to the deeper core issues.
    • Reiki sessions to help move the energy and gain balance in your chakras
    • SoulCollage® to help you with your inner dialogue and inner council.
  2. Then use complementary elements to maintain the heart center such as the:
    • Use of flower essence such as rose, magnolia and foxglove to assist with the flow of heart energy. Flower essence is a very gentle way of working with the bodie’s energy.
    • Use of essential oils to breathe in through steam or diffuser or to wear on the skin. Oils for the heart include: bergemount, geranium, lavender, lemon, orange, rose, sandalwood, and ylang ylang.
    • Using animal spirit guides such as the wolf; they can assist in developing the ability to love, build community awareness and to nurture support for yourself and others.
    • Use of stones or crytals to support your open heart during meditation, energy work or simply to have on your person such as: rose quartz, peridot, malachite, emerald and anagonite.
    • Use of angel cards, SoulCollage® cards or other transformational cards can assist in your mediation and daily affirmations regarding your open heart lessons.

Teresa Van Lanen of Making Art of Life and Soul Connection, is an Occupational Therapist, Life Coach, SoulCollage® facilitator and Reiki practitioner.
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She works with individuals who are wishing to connect with their inner spirit for a balanced happy life. Look for her fall Soul Connection workshops this month on the events page of her website.

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