Living an inside or and outside life is a concept from the author of “The Seat of the Soul”, Gary Zukav. Although not a new concept it is one that strikes home for many of us and in basic terms relates to living an authentic life.

Living from the outside:

  • When we live our lives to a certain standard measured by others.
  • When we present a good exterior weather it is our looks, how we present our emotions, or even our jobs.
  • When we value pleasing others above all else.
  • When we are overly concerned about things, objects, or new trends.

In general when we do these things we are putting our value on the external, what is presented to others. When we give this power to others what is the message we are giving ourselves and to others?

Living from the inside:

  • When we honor our spiritual connection to source.
  • When we honor our own power.
  • When we live in the light of love.
  • When we listen to our guides and our inner voice to make decisions.

In general this is living a more balanced and peaceful life. Living a life of connection and love with ones self and with others. Now what is the message we are giving ourselves and to others?

I lived and outside life for years. I lived in fear and of self- protection. I was a survivor but did not know how to live. As I was living this outside life, I felt my inner being weathering away, starving and dying of thirst. Things looked great from the outside though and most people did not know how much I was hurting inside. Sharing that would have broken the façade I was maintaining with living an outside life. Finally, I woke up one day and wondered who I really was and what I could do to not only exist in my life but to really live it.

I had to do some deep work, probing into and asking myself some difficult questions. This took time and effort. The isolation of an outside life had challenged reaching out to others so to break that cycle; I sought support for the first time. I began to identify and acknowledge the barriers to living a more inside oriented life.

I had to find ways that I could make the shift of mindset and of spirit. These life long beliefs were not easy to break down so I needed to develop some tools to assist me. The ways that I began to reconnect with my inner life, my authentic heart filled self, was through creativity and meditation. I also needed to build up relationships to support my new inner life efforts.

Creativity gave me a medium to explore who I was, what I enjoyed and what my spiritual connection to the universe was. That inner child I allowed to starve and die of thirst was my first connection in living an inner life. I was able to re-wind time, to and extent, and to tap into my inner child easily through creative exercises. Creativity is also a great way to connect with spirit since it increases our joy and feelings of love that transmit at a high frequency. The higher frequencies are where the spirit or source energies exist. Creative exercises were a form of meditation alone but coupled with meditation before hand to brought me into the spirit space even quicker.

Through this process I have been able to work through the outside life barriers to live a more inner life. It continues to unfold and release still today by using the tools I have connected with. I want to assist your facilitation in this process. Join my fellow facilitator Linda and I in a half-day workshop in GreenBay/Belview area. We will be exploring barriers and blocks to living a more joyful and authentic life, we will be sharing some tools and using mediation and creativity to assist in this life’s journey. Exploring in a group atmosphere can accelerate your process and assist you in developing connections of like-minded and hearted people.

Teresa Van Lanen of Making Art of Life and Soul Connection, is an Occupational Therapist, Life Coach, SoulCollage® facilitator and Reiki practitioner.
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She works with individuals who are wishing to connect with their inner spirit for a balanced happy life. Look for her fall Soul Connection workshops this month on the events page of her website.

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