“Are we there yet?” This is a common saying from youth who travel with family. Even a ride as short as an hour causes young ones to cry out as they are anxious to arrive at their destination. I have experienced trips like this both as a child and then as a parent.

Another common saying about travel takes on another meaning; you know you have heard this one about the road of life being a journey not a destination. I think of these two sayings together as I assisted a friend of mine with a difficult personal situation. She and I have each gone through trials in our lives and generally are pretty quick to see the lessons that we can learn from them.

Back when I first met this friend we both were involved in self exploration. During that time I would have episodes where I felt like I had “arrived” to my destination. Then something would happen to derail me and I knew I needed to get back to it and away I’d go. But every once in awhile I wanted to shout in frustration, “Am I there yet?”
If you have had the frustration of not getting to your destination fast enough, you know if you fixate on this, your trip will feel nearly endless. Use my life travel tips to avoid the feeling of “Am I there yet?”

  • Plan your route
    • It sounds so basic but if you don’t know where you want to go, you will never make any headway.
  • Have some flexibility
    • Don’t be too rigid with your trip. Life hits you with road bumps and detours, so expect this and be flexible enough to reroute your trip.
    • Being too rigid with plans can cause major delays.
    • Sometimes you may not realize you are on a detour. Once you do though; get reoriented and fuel up so you can get back on track. Once you do though; get reoriented and fuel up so you can get back on track.
  • Boost your energy while on your journey
    • Use what fills your spirit; music, talking to friends, chants or aromatherapy.
    • Fill your life spaces with things and people that energize your spirit.
    • Sharing a journey with others will add to fun on your road trip!
  • Don’t let other drivers affect you in a negative way
    • When you find you are with others who may be traveling erratically; remove yourself from their negative energy by reinvigorating the passions and energy that fuel your spirit.
    • Tap into your spiritual guidance by using meditation and other practices to help insulate you from other’s energies.
    • It can be as dangerous to try to influence other’s journey as it is to allow other’s to influence yours.
    • Recognize that we each may go our own way and sometimes end up at the same destination in the end.

Looking at my friend’s journey, I know she will be a good traveler. She takes joy in the experiences along the way and learns from the detours and bumps on the path. I am just glad I can share the road with her once in awhile! Safe travels everyone!

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