Our lives and those of our children are getting busier all the time. We multitask between taking our kids to basketball, to balancing the checkbook and planning next week’s business project. And the kids are Facebooking while doing a paper and prepping for the big game. No wonder we pass each other without much true discussion; gradually we being to loose our connection with each other.

Last month I addressed the benefits of using creativity to build a strong connection with your child. To recap the benefits I discussed here they are:

  • Having neutral ground
  • Building new experiences
  • Leading to casual conversation
  • Showing interest in your child
  • Having a product as a keepsake from your experience

Now that you see the benefits if using creativity, here are some creative activities you can do with your child:

  • Get out of the house and go somewhere, sounds simple but it has a big impact.
    • This will establish a neutral territory neither of you have history with, so will build new memories.
    • Establish some rules; like no phones allowed. You can mutually agree on a break to check messages and such if necessary but the more you can be in the moment with each other the better connection you will make.
  • Find a creative activity centered around an interest your child has; make them the star.
    • Making a collage or mobile from photos of their events is a great way of really putting toe focus on them.
    • Singing songs from their favorite artist or even making a dance video together,
    • Don’t be afraid to get a little silly, this helps break down barriers and get the energy flowing.
  • Discover unexplored creative outlets together.
    • Take a class together, like cooking, bonsai, or pottery, something you both are interested in exploring but have not done much of. You will be in the same level of exploration and wonderment as your child which will add to the bonding experience.
    • Vacation time is a great time to put aside for these kinds of events as most things are unexplored. But also be delving into opportunities at your doorstep, what classes are offered at the Recreation department, after school programs and campuses in your area. There are a lot more things available and you are teaching your child that they do not need to be an expert in this type of creativity to enjoy it.
  • Communication and what you say at these creative events is really important during a creative event, so use only positive and encouraging words.
    • Have someone else take the lead, like in the class taking there will be a teacher or instructor. By offering up your lead and control as parent it can free you to release your inner spirit and increase your connection to your child.
    • Teach your child how to be flexible with the accidents that occur while creating. How can you make this blob of paint into something great?
    • Be in the moment and let yourself experience the activity in its fullest. Out children usually will take our lead.
  • If relationships are very strained with your children begin simply and without expectation. Your consistency in a positive neutral environment shows interest and will gradually win out.
    • Be consistent with a routine of creative activities to connect with your child.
    • Take turns planning events, this will keep the excitement up and also have your child develop responsibility by investigating cost, times, location….

Teresa Van Lanen is a Life Coach who conducts presentations, seminars, workshops, teleclasses and other events that help people reconnect with their creative spirit and to move into more joyful and productive life. For products and services visit Teresa at www.makingartoflife.com. Sign up for a free quiz to gauge how much creative energy you have and other tips. Follow Teresa on Twitter and Facebook as well.

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