What’s in your garden? Wind mills, mirror balls, garden gnomes oh my! What’s tacky for some is classy and artistic for others. Wherever you run on this spectrum, gardening is a great way to express creativity.

Gardening is so adaptable too. You can enjoy it in small spaces like apartments to large yards. It can be fully enjoyed alone, in a family setting or in large community groups. They can give us edible and healthy produce as well as olfactory and visual enjoyment.

Just like a great artistic composition your garden can not only mix up colors but textures, heights, and size. Combine these traits to illicit a specific feeling or emotional response. Use reds, oranges with spicy scents to invigorate, and blues, violet tones in sweeter scents to add a calm feeling. At its core gardening is a celebration of life and a connection with Mother Earth so they have both ethereal and grounding qualities to them, which is tricky to reproduce in a non-natural environment.

Beyond the basics of color, texture, and size of plantings here are some other ways to bring your unique brand of creativity to your garden environment.

  1. Bring the inside out to create a special space within your garden.
    • Use mirrors, dishes, pottery and furniture to create a vignette in your landscape.
    • On your deck or plant pots or even on trees; use fabric such as ribbon, scarves and flowing fabrics in various ways to jazz up your space.
      Lighting weather solar powered or candles, the use of illumination to enhance your space can really drive home the feel you are going for.
  2. Bring Art into your space with a sculpture or paver.
    • Temporary art installations can be a fun and interactive way of bonding with your garden space. By using sticks, rocks, leaves to stack and arrange in ways that are pleasing to you. Sand drawings are a lot of fun as well and can be easily changed daily if you want.
    • Pavers that lead to a special location of just keep your feet out of the mud, either way they are practical and look great. Pavers can be made from so many products including recycled objects in-bedded into concrete. A fun project is to paint a paver with your children or invite them to use sidewalk chalk for that pop of color you are looking for.

  3. Add sound to your garden space to add to your experience.
    • I love the sound of water in any garden and there are so many options out there ranging from the table top to waterfall. The pocket book is your only limit here with all the choices of size, sight and sound of a water feature. But even colored water set in glasses at different levels on a ledge can be visually interesting and attracting to birds.
    • Music can be piped in of course but it is also great to have a variety of wind producing music in the form of chimes. I enjoy a variety of wood and metal type chimes to mix up the tone and attitude of the music.
    • Create a space in your garden for some “Nature Jams” with nature inspired drums, flutes or shakers. This can be a fabulous way of getting the entire family involved in garden enjoyment.

So as you lay out your garden this year keep all the senses in mind, not only the visual. Texture, sound, smell and taste can be enjoyed in the garden to make it truly interactive and assist in opening your creative spirit.

Teresa Van Lanen is a life coach who conducts presentations, seminars, workshops, teleclasses and other events that help people reconnect with their creative spirit and move into more joyful and productive lives. For products and services visit Teresa at www.makingartoflife.com. Sign up for a free quiz to gauge how much creative energy you have and other tips. Follow Teresa on Twitter and Facebook as well.

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