Does you Life have Detours?
I have spent many hours driving on Wisconsin’s roadways this year with the construction and detours every few miles. It reminded me of how life can throw you detours that you don’t expect. It is an interesting parallel; going along your day with a clear destination in mind, going a little faster than maybe you should, and all of the sudden you need to slow down, allow for others on the road and follow the construction detours to get eventually back where you initially intended. Our Wisconsin road crews are typically really good about letting us know of these little diversions on our drive, which is not always the case in real life diversions.

I guess life’s detours can sneak up on us if we are not wary of the signs. One day we wake up and say to ourselves, how did I get here? Where did I get detoured from my intended path? Maybe you did not consciously have an intended path in the first place. If that’s the case it is easy to get distracted and travel back and forth with no destination in mind and then you wonder, how did I get here? Other times life’s detours are for very good reasons and may lead us to better destinations than we first had planned for ourselves. Here are some questions to see what kind of traveler you are.

When a detour of life gets in your path how do you respond and what might it say about who you are?

  • “How did I get here? Where am I?” You may be out of touch with your self and out of balance. Many times when people are in stress they can dissociate or compartmentalize aspects of their life to survive. This is a feeling of being lack of control. Your destination is always an idea and never a reality.
  • “I need to get back on track and on my path”. You will correct the detour and get back to where you started. Sometimes this can be out of fear to explore or experience other things or lack of trust that you will be on the right path no matter where you are. Ask yourself, “Did I experience what life had in store for me with this detour so I can avoid it in the future? Or so I can go to a different destination that is right for me now?”
  • “Let’s see where this takes me.” You are an explorer and want to experience what life throws you way. You are flexible and confident that the universe has your highest good in mind. This is an example of living in the moment to fully grasp life’s experiences.

Teresa Van Lanen of Making Art of Life and Soul Connection, is an Occupational Therapist, Life Coach, SoulCollage® facilitator and Reiki practitioner.
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