If you are struggling with having your intentions coming to fruition ask yourself, am I hiding?

We all have things from our past that we might not be proud of and some of us maybe wishing to keep such things to ourselves. In this example of hiding the individual is aware and attempts to keep others from becoming learning of these issues. At other times issues or memories can be so deeply hidden that the individual may not hold conscious awareness of it.

Either way that one hides from parts of themselves there can be all kinds of ramifications.  These can be seen by disease or medical conditions such as headaches, stomach or digestive issues and liver problems are common side effects from hiding issues from yourself and others.

Sometimes even more devastating are the emotional disconnections or issues as a result of hiding. These can include anxiety and depression as well as mood swings and anger. Ultimately having unresolved or hidden issues will affect your relationship with yourself and with others and will affect your manifestations and life intentions.

There are several ways of addressing hidden issues; ignoring them is one way, using counselors is another and the use of energy work such as Reiki is yet another. My new favorite is the use of SoulCollage®. The things about us hidden in the shadows can come to us very clearly in a gentle awareness through this process. Then further detail can emerge as we are ready.

In SoulCollage® participants use intuitive thought to select images that speak to them in some way. In doing this, participants stay out of their thinking mind and into emotion and spirit. When images strike a cord there is a reason. Sometimes the images address one or more hidden parts of personality. Just by exposing these and bringing them into the light will help release that energy holding you back and assist you in manifesting what you desire.

Teresa Van Lanen is a life coach and Occupational Therapist with over 30 years of experience. She works with individuals and groups to release blocks and increase their level of joy and happiness. Visit Teresa on facebook or her website www.makingartoflife.com . Teresa will be hosting SoulCollage® workshops and drop in courses through out the year.  Look for the two day SoulConnection workshop in May  by viewing www.makingartoflife.com  for details.

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