Animal Guides
As we are here in our physical bodies, we are guided by many different entities. The guides are always around us but may not be in our awareness as guides or in our awareness at all. Once we actively call them to our attention, however, they are there. Once such guide is an animal guide who can show themselves to us in subtle ways such as:

  • During a dream or meditative state images of animals can come to you.
  • In waking states, think when you go to the zoo is there a certain animal you can’t wait to see or an animal that holds your interest.
  • Or you see the same kind of animal popping up in different ways, on TV, in magazines, or in real life.
  • If so, these maybe animals that you are connected to as animal guides.
  • Pets often times are not animal guides but part of your family and have a different energy of connection with us.

I recall how reoccurring presence of Bald Eagles during work commutes would show themselves. It took a few sightings to see that these were animal guides that are sent to me as form of protection. In fact on one such commute I had several guides show themselves in succession, at the time I did not recognize it as such, but they had a strong message for me. Driving in Northern Wisconsin last winter I first saw a deer run across the highway in front of me (not so strange in Wisconsin), then about a mile or two down the road a wolf ran across the road (that took me by surprise). I kept driving and pretty soon I saw a Bald Eagle (OK your getting my attention) and then shortly after that there were a pair of Vultures (Wow). I sat a bit straighter in the car and slowed down, obviously something was going on. I came over a small rise in the road and there was a car that was swerving out of control and crossing into my lane. With the repeated warnings (since I am a dim human I obviously needed more than one) that my animal guides were giving me, I was able to avoid the accident and remained safe in my travels. Since then I am keen to observe for those subtle signs.

I share this story with you as an example of how guides can work. It’s not a Dr. Doolittle thing in a literal sense but it is in a way that animals and human do converse, weather we are consciously doing it or not. Since that encounter last year I have been much more in-sync with my guides. I use them when in meditation and ask that whatever guide will be best to assist me in a task or for the day’s events, to make their presence known. Other times I may want council from a specific guide. So if I want some assistance with keeping my heart space open, I may call in the animal guide that represents this energy and then I listen to the wisdom then can share.

Some Shaman traditions say that we have 365 animal guides, one for every day of the year and that each animal has certain traits or characteristics to them. Like a Butterfly representing transformation and an Owl, wisdom. But each individual may resonate to an animal differently and what represents one area of support to you may represent other areas of support for another. Use of SoulCollage® to assist you in discovering your animal guides and the connection and working with your animal guides.

Teresa Van Lanen is a life coach and Occupational Therapist with over 30 years of experience. She works with individuals and groups to release blocks and increase their level of joy and happiness. Visit Teresa on facebook or her website . Teresa will be hosting SoulCollage® workshops and drop in courses through out the year. Look for the two day SoulConnection workshop in May by viewing for details.

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