8 Steps to Spur on Your Personal Growth and Creativity through Guidance

free teleclass Thursday, March 10 7 pm central time

I once heard that all the answers and support are right in front of us, clearing the mind and opening the spirit will get us there. It’s kind of like when you can’t find your car keys or the one sock that matches the other in your hand and no matter how hard you try to retrace your steps and dig through the drawer, you cannot find it. Then at another time once you are calm and peaceful, you look and voila, there it was all the time! That’s what your guidance does; it gives us the clarity to deal with daily life among other things.

Who is this teleclass for?

  • Do you get discouraged in your growth process?
  • Do you feel that the weight of your worries or commitments are too much for you?
  • Are you feeling alone? That no one is listening to you?
  • Are you someone who has to make it on their own?
  • Do you feel that making changes in your life is a lot of hard work?

What Will You Get From This Teleclass?
When I experience struggle, hard work, or lack of results, all I need to do is to ask this: “Did I ask for help from my guides?” Usually if I am answering honestly the answer is a resounding NO. Building a regular practice to talk to and ask guidance for support is something we often struggle with. Learn how to become more open to your guidance and what the benefits are.

What Exactly IS A Teleclass?

Think of a teleclass as an informative, inspirational telephone counseling session. This is not a free-for-all. The phones will be muted, so even though there are other people also listening in, you will feel as though I am speaking directly to you and your intentions. Many people prefer this anonymous, but personable, way of absorbing inspiration and knowledge compared to more invasive face-to-face seminars or impersonal email counseling.

After registering for your teleclass (using the “add to cart” button), you’ll receive an email with the phone number and special access code. At the day and time of the live teleclass, you’ll simply dial the number, enter the code when asked and enjoy the conference. This call is on Thursday, March 10th at 7pm Central time and will run for approximately 30-45 minutes. You deserve a fresh start, renewed hope and positive guidance to help you achieve your heart’s desire.