Today, we know from the news that, in addition to the usual changes that life always brings, many people are facing new transitions in jobs, finances, and homes. So many now have family or community members with these challenges.

What if, in the middle of a transition or at a crossroads there was a way to get some really helpful guidance with a decision one had to make? SoulCollage®, an intuitive collage process is one way some people find their answers and at the same time are able to rest, play, and have fun. SoulCollage® has been doing this for twelve years with thousands of people and has trained Facilitators who are practicing in over 42 states and 18 countries.

What kinds of questions do people ask about their challenges or reshaping their lives? Here are some examples:

“How should I approach the particular challenge I have?”
“If I decide to take this particular road ahead, what might help me and what might get in the way?”
“What might help me take care of myself and stay healthy with all this stress?”

These are just three of the infinite questions one might ask oneself in doing a “reading” with one’s very own SoulCollage® deck. Following simple directions, the individual SoulCollage® cards will “speak” back to the one who made them and offer access to the card maker’s own inner wisdom.

How does one make such a deck? Looking in on a SoulCollage® workshop, one would see people who had decided to take a little time just for themselves. They are seated around a table, scissors and glue in front of them. They are having fun leafing through old magazines, old photos, and catalogues. Some of them already have a stack of pages in front of them that they have torn out. As they looked through the magazines, some image jumped out at them them. Although they didn’t understand why exactly, they felt an emotional connection with that image and tore out that page. They cut carefully around the image and move it around on a background they have chosen until it feels right. Then they glue it down on a mat board card. The SoulCollage® card practically makes itself.

It is hard to believe it is that simple. Yet the answers to questions the card maker poses can be surprisingly deep when that chosen image finds its voice. The best part is that this wisdom comes from inside the card maker. No fortune telling or fortune tellers involved!



Seena B. Frost, founder of SoulCollage®, has a great book called; SoulCollage® Evolving: an Intuitive Collage Process for Self-Discovery and Community (Hanford Mead Publishers). The basic instructions for doing SoulCollage® are in it. The book also describes the many ways that all kinds of people in many community, religious, and professional contexts are using SoulCollage®. An accessible, inexpensive, and simple process, SoulCollage® inspires creativity and helps develop real community.

Teresa Van Lanen is a local SoulCollage® facilitator who will be hosting an introduction to SoulCollage® class on Saturday Febuary 9 from 10 am to 2 pm. Participants will receive images, cards, written materials, instructional guidance and more during this class. Go to Teresa’s website: for more information and to reserve your spot for this potentially life changing and fun class.

Teresa Van Lanen is a Life Coach who conducts presentations, seminars, workshops, teleclasses and other events that help people reconnect with their creative spirit and to move into more joyful and productive life. For products and services and to register for an introduction to SoulCollage® workshop Febuary 9th, visit Teresa at Sign up for a free quiz to gauge how much creative energy you have and other tips. Follow Teresa on Twitter and Facebook as well.

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