Discovering and Recovering Your Authentic Self

Six weeks starting Wed. April 6th from 7-8 pm CST

Are your book shelves lined with dusty self-help books? Mine used to be. I would pick up copy after copy of the newest diet or relationship book. What was I really looking for? Nothing seemed to resonate with me. Oh, yes, there are great books out there and ones from which I have gleaned bits and pieces of information, but one I came across only a few years back has really spoken to me. It is called “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. Although new to me, it was a concept created by the author and playwright Julia Cameron nearly 20 years ago. She calls it “A spiritual path to higher creativity” and “A course in discovering and recovering your creative self.”

Are You Someone Who is Recovering from a Lack of:

  • safety
  • identity
  • power
  • integrity
  • possibility
  • abundance
  • connection
  • strength
  • compassion
  • self-protection
  • autonomy
  • faith

If you are, you certainly are not alone. These are all very common issues that at some point in time, and at some level, we all go through. They are also chapters in Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way”. Whether you call yourself an artist or not Julia is speaking to the part of our nature that is expressive. The steps that Julia has scripted out will assist in transformation to your true spirit in a structured format.

Join me and the “Creative Minds” for a group teleseries to explore Julia’s work and to delve into the topics in more detail. Use the collective energy of the group experience to catapult your own personal growth. I will guide the group through chapters in “The Artist’s Way” as well as the weekly tasks for progress. I will provide written guides to all “Creative Minds” members.

More details will be made available once you reserve your spot in this small group experience.