Teresa Van Lanen, Creativity Guide

Teresa Van Lanen, Creativity Guide

“To live the life of your dreams, awaken the childlike innocence of your authentic self through the creative process” – Teresa van Lanen

Teresa has worked in the therapy field for over 30 years. She has assisted clients identify and cope with their own healing process. Teresa has developed and ran thousands of group and individual sessions. Teresa is a member of the American Business Woman’s Association, Global Holistic Association of Psychotherapists, Wisconsin Women’s Alliance and National Association of Professional Women. Teresa authors articles found in Nature’s Pathways magazine and in SelfGrowth.com.

My story:

One morning I got up and felt that I may never want to wake up again. I was in such pain and misery that I did not know if I wanted to continue. Then, the thought of my children not having their mother hit me as being even more heart breaking than my emotional trauma. I decided at that moment to go on with life and to do something about my circumstance and how I felt.

I come from a family of intellects. I was good at keeping things in the mind. I also learned much books and professional experience about depression, stress, addictions and other conditions. I knew what I needed to do. I could describe all the steps. I just couldn’t feel it. Because to feel it would mean lifting off the lid of Pandora’s Box of emotions! The thought of that scared me tremendously. By doing this I was only partly insulating myself pain but I was fully from being able to feel joy and happiness.

Gradually, through many forms of practice, I began to recognize that I could not do this healing on my own. Over many years I began to work with a therapist both individually and in groups. She broke through to the body level and helped me connect the mind and body to be able feel and to express my emotions. This was a new experience to truly feel and to be supported to feel, safe to feel!

Through this process I experienced self- healing and as a result my circumstance changed for the positive. I actually didn’t just know that there were possibilities for me but that I truly felt it. I had lived my life very much as a survivor. That I could make it on my own, that I could persevere. Slowly I began to trust and to rely on support; from others and from guidance. One day I suddenly felt that I did not only want to survive my life but to live my life.

This was a huge shift for me and at this time I began to reignite passions I had as a youth. I was bringing back the childlike innocence from long ago that I had stifled along with my fears and hurt. I found I could connect with this authentic part of my spirit through creativity. I used to love to color, paint, twirl around and sing. But at some point in time I began to criticize my creativity and its products. Therefore, I shut off or stifled much of my creative calling and outlet.

It has only been in recent times that the artisan has taken on a different role in society. Now to be named an artist is to be revered as an expert and held at a distinct status, a form of competition. But for eons we as a people all had a creative role to play in our tribe. As a weaver, carver, dancer, singer, story teller…our talents were vast and shared with all. Creativity was cultivated and was intricately woven into the fabric of the community. It is part of our DNA and is such a natural part of our yearning that to deny it is not natural and leads to imbalance.

Although today I use other practices to connect with my core self, I find that creativity breaks through these barriers faster and get me to a deeper level of spirit than anything else. This is what I want to offer to others; to be able to live a joyful and fulfilled life through the use of the creative process.

By tapping into creative energy, I found I was able to enrich my connection with my true essence. With a regular creative practice, I am able to foster more beauty and joy in my life. I am better able to shed negativity and draining energy by maintaining a higher vibration through creativity. Working as a health-care professional in rehabilitation, I have had 30 years of experience facilitating and assisting clients on a one-to-one and group basis to find their healing path. This has been primarily through traditional means which at times has had limited results. To move beyond limits, I want to share my knowledge from personal and professional experience through the use of creativity and a creative practice to assist others in finding and fostering their authentic selves.

How I work:

I work with individuals, groups, couples and families to build a creative practice for themselves to connect with their authentic true nature of joy and love.

I found that breaking down our old patterns of false negative belief systems is the beginning process, and then slowly replacing these beliefs with positive true beliefs is critical for any change. Once we open up to this, joyful creative experiences can be explored followed by building a supportive on-going environment for this to be nurtured.

The process:this may not be a linear process as you go through layers of personal growth and cycle back to your uncovered blocks:
1. 20 min. phone consultation assessment and goal setting with Teresa
2. Investigate barriers and blocks to personal growth, happiness and creativity
3. Break through barriers and blocks to personal growth, happiness and creativity
4. Use of support; guidance, spiritual and personal
5. Participate in creative experiences
6. Develop a creative practice; how does it augment other practices?
7. Have more joy and happiness in your life

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What others have said about Teresa:

“Teresa is an amazing healer and guide. She is extremely wise, perceptive and intuitive and can help people quickly move through their blocks into their creativity and joy. I would highly recommend her Workshops to anybody who wants a healing breakthrough in their life.”
Shelley Riutta MSE, LPC President of the Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy

“Teresa is intuitively wise and knows directly how to conjoin creative fun with healing. Working with Teresa will open you up to a world of creative spirit and insight within yourself that may have otherwise gone undiscovered.”
Rebecca Matias, creator of www.yoursoulnavigator.com

“Teresa’s workshops are absolutely transformational! She has a warm and wonderfully creative spirit and an amazing gift for inspiring others.”
Deb Klugger, Ocala Florida

Sign up for the free creativity report and you will receive a free newsletter consisting of an article and other current information. You can also join me on Twitter and Facebook.